Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Mad Men" quotes

There were some good ones from last season.
I wrote them down, but not sure where I put the note.
I'm going to look again because they were funny!

I found the note! : )
The quotes might be from Season 2, but I think they're from Season 3.
Regardless they are good.
There are THREE!

1. Betty talking with Don about their daughter Sally (she's 9 maybe)
Don had been working on some home improvement project.
B: She's taken to your tools like a little lesbian.

2. Peggy to her co-worker, Pete
He's also former lover & father of child she gave up for adoption
P: Stop coming in here & infecting me with your anxiety!

3. Pete to a sales clerk at women's dress section at a large NYC department store
P: I want to see the manager.
SC: of the entire store?
P: of the Republic of Dresses ... your service is falling short.

We're slightly behind in Season 4, catching up on our DVR.
We recently watched the 8-15-10 episode.
Peggy had some good lines.

1. Talking with Don's assistant, Allison
He slept with A after a drunken Christmas party.

P: I don't know what you think happened, but it didn't.
Your problem is NOT my problem.

2. Talking with a young Life magazine staffer who is a lesbian
Joyce tried to kiss Peggy.

P: I have a boyfriend.
J: He doesn't own your vagina.
P: Well, he's renting it.

AWESOME! I love this show. Good times in the 1960's!
It won another Emmy tonight. : )