Saturday, September 4, 2010

US Tennis Association Delivers Green Slam

USTA has some new PSAs promoting green practices at the NYC Grand Slam.

Alec Baldwin is the spokesperson for the PSAs.
I saw one of the PSA's this morning - it's funny!
I forget that he is a New Yorker & tennis fan, too.

  • on-site composting
  • recycling & donating the tennis balls
  • recycling of glass, can, cardboard & plastic
  • renewable energy certificates for consumpution during the tournament
  • concession products made from bio-materials
  • concession food from local, natural & organic sources
I'm sad to miss watching tennis in person at the US Open of course.
I'm sad to not see these efforts in person also.
I'm glad it's happening!
MANY people at the tournament will experience these policies.

The environmental initiatives will have a HUGE impact!
It is happening in a local way & beyond through media message to millions watching on TV.

AWESOME work USTA! : )