Friday, August 13, 2010

Mandatory Breastfeeding

This is an interesting concept.

Gisele Bunchen, international model, married to Tom Brady (NFL quarterback), & new mom, spoke recently about the need for law mandating breastfeeding. The $*%# hit the fan.
It is fascinating how the topic is such a hot button of controversy.

I am a SERIOUS advocate for breastfeeding.
There are many reasons why women decide not to breastfeed their child.
However, there are so many positive reasons to breastfeed.

With laws, there are so many challenges, especially in this case, enforcement.
It's a very personal experience.
Breastfeeding is definitely healthier for a woman & her baby.

More support & education is needed.
That way women can make the commitment & be successful at breastfeeding.

Gisele - use your famous position for advocacy.
Channel your passion in that direction!