Sunday, August 1, 2010

39 & Holding

I'm 40!
It's a BIG deal.
How has that many years gone by? ! : )

2 stories about 39 & Holding:

Yesterday when I went to the Y I used one of the machines as usual.
You can enter your data (weight and age).
Last day to enter 39.
When I go to the Y next week, I won't do that part in my exercise routine.
I can pretend for a little longer.

Second story involves the "39 & Holding" mug.
My mom gave it to my step-father, Rich, years ago.
It has a history of being passed from person to person.
Bonnie gave it to us in 2007.
So we could give it to our friend, Kevin, who turned 40 in April.
Kevin gave it to Jai in September when he turned 40 that year.
We gave it to Anne Marie, Kevin's wife, this year when she turned 40.
You know the rest - they gave it to me today at my birthday dinner.

Full circle ... however, I don't really need another mug.
I'm not really a hot beverage drinker.

Therefore I'm going to pay it forward in the future. : )