Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chicken Livers & Dirt

West End UMC sponsored a series called "A Place at the Table." The series is planned for 4-5 Wednesdays in late June-late July; the topics seemed to revolve around ecological issues related to food. I think they showed "Food Inc" at one of the presentations. I hope they continue it beyond July. It costs $10 a person.

Last week's presentation included a viewing of the documentary "Dirt" & a catered meal created by Martha Stamps, formerly a chef at The Yellow Porch, currently chef at Martha Stamps Catering & Events. The tag line on her website is "local, sustainable, divine."

The food was really yummy! The menu was incredible; all or most were local ingredients.
  • herb & garlic roasted chicken
  • citrus marinated broiled chicken lives - Julia's favorite!
  • dragon bean salad with tomatoes & corn
  • sweet potato fries - everyone's favorite!
  • melon, cucumber & shaved fennel
  • squash casserole - really incredible
  • green tea with lemon grass & ginger
  • peach & blackberry cobbler
The local farms represented were:

  1. Green Mountain

  2. McDonald Farms

  3. Swafford Farms

  4. Wedgewood Urban Farms

  5. Delvins Farm

  6. 2620 Essex Place

  7. Warner Park Garden
What an awesome deal for yummy food & great presentations & supporting local farmers! Nashville truly is an amazing community filled with conscientious individuals trying to make a difference in small & big ways!