Saturday, July 17, 2010

5K #2

Race for Autism at Crockett Park in Brentwood, TN - good cause, great weather

Susie, Joel & I woke at 5:30am, got to the race site by 6:30 to collect our bib number & pre-registered T-shirt & also got our sibling photo taken before we assembled with the other runners. There was a slight snafu with Susie's bib - someone else named Suzanne J. apparently showed up before us & got her number. NIGHTMARE! Eventually it got worked out, Susie got a new bib number, but it was annoying to deal with it as we prepared to run. It delayed us getting our pre-race photo of the 3 of us; Susie doesn't have a bib on in it.

Bonnie & Buddy arrived just as the race started so we waved quickly as we ran off with the crowd. Less people than July 3, but it was a congested course initially so a slow & frustrating start for all of us. This time I didn't have any panic/anxious feelings, felt good most of the run. I still had my slow points somewhere between miles 1&2, then again around 2.5 miles as I saw runners ending their race & I still had to finish.

Lots of people were walking earlier than I expected, but I forget that not everyone is running the event. Thankfully no people with strollers passed me like on July 3rd. I think they started in front of me! : ) I hoped the firefighter in FULL gear didn't pass me. If that had happened, I would have stopped running & walked. I mean really if I person in that heavy jacket, pants, helmet, face mask, oxygen tank runs faster than me, what is the point??!! I saw him cross the finish line, only about a minute slower - yikes!

I pushed it the last 0.10 to finish, trying to catch my previous time, but I was a second slower. However, the 3 of us discussed the start & really believe that the congestion contributed to all of us having a slower time. Joel was really annoyed at his time! Thankfully at one of the downhill parts, I ran really fast (I don't usually do that); I suspect that helped me have a similar time.

We saw B&B on the course once & then again at the finish. It was nice to have cheerleaders; hopefully Jai & Julia can come to a race in the future. It's so early for both of them & really who wants to wake a sleeping child - no one exactly! Bonnie said something about inspiring Julia to see all of the runners, especially me, Susie & Joel, being healthy & active. It's true; luckily Julia seems like a natural athlete, she has a great tennis ball throwing arm & football/soccer kicking legs! : )

The weather was great - overcast (not sure about rain which might have been nice), decent humidity (it's all relative), lots of shady parts of the course.

Overall it was a great day to run!

Joel & I are discussing our future runs, probably not going to do one in August, too hot, though there is the Tomato Fest 5K run/walk which benefits our local East Nashville YMCA (soon to be just referred to as the Y which we say now). We looked at the race calendar, there are a few possibilities for Sept. & Oct. The one at Centennial Park on Sept. 11 seems like a good day for something positive & the cause is for prostrate cancer which Jai's dad had. There's another local race at Shelby Bottoms on Oct. 2 as well as the Germantown 5K on Oct. 9. Joel really is excited for the Rudolph one in December. At least it will be cooler, actually I think that race is in the evening on a Friday so Julia & Jai might be able to be there.