Friday, July 16, 2010

Jade is the New Black

I don't have much to say (I think!) other than this is a clever name for a new OPI nail polish color. My friend, Anne Marie, used to get together once a month for a pedicure at Magnolia Spa in East Nashville, but we'd taken a break in the winter months. Last month we got together for one of our summer childless Friday date (Sam goes to a Parent Day Out program) & that is the color AM got on her toes. She encouraged me to get something different too - I chose a lime green kind of color from OPI's new "Shrek" line. It looked good; it definitely caught people's attention. I received many comments & compliments.

I wish I'd taken a photo as today we got new colors as we met for another pedicure. It's summer so we wear our flip flops a lot more than in winter. This time we went to Empire Beauty School in Cool Springs. The cost is much cheaper as students provide the service - it's a great deal. We both got awesome colors again - bright coral/red color for me, a matte purple for AM. This will be it for awhile probably as I return to work in a week. Ah, the summer ends so quickly these days - 7 weeks flies by when you're busy traveling around the city & country.

When is Labor Day? : )