Monday, March 1, 2010

Reading is Fundamental (and so is singing)

Thank you Dolly Parton.

Like so many kids in Tennessee Julia gets a book a month from the wonderful Imagination Library. Overall, I have been pleased - not enough board books but other than that its an amazing program. I've about a correlation between the size of home libraries and an individual's success further down the road. Well, I think we are seeing Julia's future.

Julia loves this book and she knows it by name...our name, "ABC Book". She starts her version of the ABC song as soon as she touches the book.  Her version of the song sounds a bit like the spanish alphabet and goes like "aahhh baaaayyyy deeeedaaa" before it sort of trails off into a hum. Seriously?!? She's been singing some version of the ABC song for a couple of months and it is in a large part due to this particular book, a Leap Frog music table and the fact that her dad cannot remember many words from any other kids song...

She's a wondefully engaged child and I am glad to be along for the ride.