Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keeping the Feast

This is the name of a great book by Paula Butturini. It is non-fiction story about Paula's experience through her husband's journey of depression. I finished the book in early March and didn't write this post until April so I'm not remembering many details. However, it takes place in many countries, mostly in Italy. It involves wonderful descriptions of food and the connections to all kinds of memories, particularly childhood and family. The descriptions of how Paula lives with a depressed person really resonated with me as I recall living with PPD. It is HARD stuff! I've probably written this before, but I remember someone describing it as mild PPD and I think OMG how does someone live with major PPD! I believe it was mild, but it was difficult so I know how challenging it is for individuals who are struggling with depression every day for YEARS!

I am grateful for people who share their story as it helps others understand and cope.