Friday, November 27, 2009

Ninja Baby

I might have mentioned this before but I believe Julia has the potential to become a spy or maybe a ninja.

The way bedtime works is Tara feeds Julia and Julia goes to sleep. After Tara pumps the last time of the night she goes to bed and at some point after that I go to bed. When I go upstairs I brush my teeth, check on Julia and go to bed, in that order. For quite awhile Julia would wake (loudly - not necessarily crying but obviously awake) at the same time I headed up. I would change her diaper and Tara would feed her. Recently Julia has slept through some nights so I usually look in on her but its dark so I have to use a flashlight. Last night I came out of the shower and it was absolutely quiet but when I got over to the crib Julia was standing there waiting.

Standing in the dark, not making a peep.

If I had not gone over to the crib I would not have know she was up. She would have said something - she's done that before - but you would think a hungry baby, or at least one who is awake in the middle of the night would at least grunt and groan a little when a parent walks past their bed. Not Julia, she was stone silent.

So, if she doesn't become an engineer she might become a ninja.