Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Frankenstein Walk

The past few weeks/months have been so much fun, watching Julia move around her surroundings, first her crib and Pack-N-Play, holding onto the sides and getting her "sea legs" and becoming more steady.

Soon Julia started letting go more often and shifting from side to side. Then she begin to cruise on the ground, especially liking to walk around the coffee table in the living room ... easy to hold onto whenever she needed.

Then 2 weeks ago she took her first steps and off she went! At first she'd walk a few steps and then drop down to crawl - seemed faster I guess. Now she walks more before going to the crawl. Julia gains more confidence in her independent skills each day. She still walks kind of stilted - reminds us of Frankenstein.

Also she LOVES to hold items in her hand(s) while moving upright or crawling. In the video of her "first" walking she has a "play bowl" in her hand . Usually it is the yogurt containers or lamb blanket or rattle bunny rabbit. Anything she can grab and then WALK!

It's adorable - like everything Julia does.