Saturday, November 14, 2009

Modern Family

The best NEW show ever!

You know I'm addicted to TV... therefore I know good TV.
"Modern Family" is a combination of "The Office" and "Arrested Development". That alone should make you watch it because those are 2 funny shows.

Some of my other favorite new TV shows are "The Good Wife" and "Glee." Even Jai likes Glee and he hates musicals so you know that says a lot. We LOVE Glee!

Another great show is "Mad Men" (just finished 3rd season). Great writing, art direction, costumes, acting of course. Catch seasons 1-2 on DVD if you don't watch it.

Favorite line from last week's "The Office" -
Kevin: "he lives on Sesame Street, dumb ass!"

If you don't watch TV, you need to watch these 4 shows plus "The Office" of course.

ENJOY! Happy TV watching!