Sunday, November 1, 2009


Julia's first Halloween was also the occasion of her grandmother's wedding. It was a great celebration. We saw lots of family and friends.

Julia planned to be a lady bug but the costume was too small - see funny photos of her in it last month. We had a gown someone gave us with the words "Heaven Sent" on the front and little wings on the back... therefore Julia was an angel. Appropriate I know. : )

Since October weather is unpredictable, we paired it with some white leggings with pink Mary Jane "shoes" - that way people know she is a girl.

We put her in the whole range of colors, including blue, and I guess that is why we get comments often about "how old is your son?" and "he is so cute." Now we try to put her in at least one pink item - hat, hoodie, socks, pants - something! It's become a joke now between us about her gender.

One of my students recently saw a picture in my office and asked if this was my son?!?!? When I mentioned the frequency of this misconception, he said it's because her hair is short.

She's a baby - most babies are bald! : )