Wednesday, October 1, 2008

To Touch or Not To Touch?

Is that REALLY the question?

Really? Seriously?

For me the question is WHY?

Why do people feel the need to touch a pregnant woman's belly? I find it extremely curious and perplexing, especially coming from strangers.

I was at a friend's baby shower recently and she has a nice basketball shape. Yet I have no desire to touch it. I've known her for 11 years, consider her a good friend, but that is not something I'm going to do.

Prior to being pregnant and then before I was "showing" I was determined that people wouldn't be touching my stomach. For the most part that has been true. However, there have been situations (at work with co-workers and even students, at church) in which it has happened - someone asked and I agreed or people moved quicker than I could block the hand making contact. I tolerated it. For some it has been OK. For others I find I step back or put my hand in front of me. It bothers me.

Again I'm curious about why we touch someone's stomach, stranger or friend. I guess I'm thinking if the baby moves a certain way and the pregnant person asks if you want to touch, OK, maybe I'd do it. Probably not though. My sister was in town this week and hadn't seen me since June when I was not visibly pregnant. Totally different situation now! : ) She didn't ask, I didn't ask, she didn't touch my stomach.

I appreciate when someone asks - at least that seems respectful.