Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Midwife visit # 5

Susie came with me this time since she was in town. All is going well. I gained 4 pounds since last visit 5 weeks ago. Overall I've gained 24 pounds so I'm happy and the nurse guesstimated I might gain about 10-12 more pounds in the remaining 10 weeks. As I say to Jai, "as long as I don't weigh more than you!" :)

It was fun for Susie to hear the baby's heartbeat; the midwife (Emma, another full-timer, I think I have 2 more to meet) said it is good and strong. They are all wicked nice and enthusiastic and they love that we're not finding out the gender. She had me sign the release about declining the gestational diabetes test. Actually Soheyl called me a few weeks ago to check in with me and discuss the pros and cons of doing the test and encourage me to keep eating healthy and watch carbs; Emma talked with me about that also.

Ironically Susie and I then got something to eat, quite a few carbs, not too many veggies. To top it off we went to Gigi's Cupcakes - yummalicious! If you haven't gone there and you live in Nashville, you must. I love cake, especially the frosting. These cupcakes are creative and artistic and also made daily so they are moist and the frosting is AWESOME!

Back to the midwife, I had a few questions for her ... of course. : )
  • The baby makes these strange (to me) flutter movements - probably hiccups.
  • Leg cramps - probably related to potassium and magnesium intake so banana-a-day.
  • Heartburn - she commiserated & supported the natural remedies, but also mentioned OTC options like Tums & Pepto-Bismal; I'll see what happens.
  • Discharge - UGH! You don't want to know. Though it's normal and common.
I mentioned to Emma that Jai & I went on the L&D tour at Vanderbilt and how reassuring it was to see the facilities. The people were really friendly and about 1/4 of the women in our tour are using a midwife so I didn't feel so alone. Even though I'd like for Soheyl to deliver our baby, if that's not possible, I feel certain that we will be comfortable with one of the other providers.