Monday, October 6, 2008

If Ethel Kennedy can do it, so can I! : )

Susie was in town the first week of October (her school has this brillant calendar of 9 week quarters with 2 weeks of break - awesome!) and we had a great time visiting. When she first saw me, she said "that is not a food baby!" She followed it with "and if it was, we have a problem!" We laughed and laughed - she taught me that phrase so it has special meaning.

As I wrote in an earlier post, Susie asked if we were going to play tennis and I said of course. Well, I didn't know how tired I would be in this trimester. Also I played tennis earlier in the week with a co-worker, Jeanie, and wondered how I'd feel by the weekend. All was fine, but I definitely had to be careful and try not to run or move too quickly - instinct and competitiveness kicks in despite a 7 month pregnant belly!

Another semi-regular tradition when Susie is in Nashville is we play doubles tennis with 2 male friends of ours. Usually we play mixed doubles, but for some reason Susie & I teamed up to play against them. It was fine, I really didn't think we'd play too long (Jeanie and I had only hit for 30 minutes on Monday). Susie & Tara together are uber-competitive and so are the guys; I felt good so we played one set (we won 6-4), then started a second set. The weather was pleasant, not too warm, nice breeze. I really didn't think we'd play long, but they were leading 3-1 and so we kept at it and pulled ahead to 5-3. Then we went back and forth until we tied at 6-6 ... tiebreaker time! The men started off well, got a lead of 5-1. Then I served some good points and amazingly we rallied to get to 6-6 and we finished with 8-6.

Final score: 6-4, 7-6. They were slightly bitter - "it really is not fair that the THREE of you beat us." : )

I'm not sure how much tennis I'll play as the weeks progress. I doubt much, but I look forward to the spring league starting in April and doing some clinics in February and March to prepare. It definitely will help with getting back in post-baby shape.

Jai adds: Tara forgot to mention that the story goes that Ethel Kennedy played tennis all nine months of at least one of her pregnancies and this is a reminder Bonnie (Tara's Mom) uses often.