Monday, August 4, 2014

New Commute, New Transportation possibly

I like my new commute, very little traffic, fewer miles, less time in car.
How will I listen to those audio books anymore?! : )
I'll probably leave home around same time in order to avoid school zones (hate them!!!).
Also allow me to have some quiet time in office, maybe get some tasks done (I can tell that I will be running ALL day like at previous schools!).
I am going to explore taking bus to work since I live & work now 0.25 mi from Gallatin Road.
I am sure it will likely mean a longer day.
No driving, less wear & tear on 11 year old car, walk to bus stops - all good!
Regardless it is a more peaceful transition for me from home to work.
Drive home is more traffic, more people awake I guess, but nothing like driving home from PMES.

Update on bus (mid-August):
MTA Swipe & Ride program - I thought was free since Jai used it at NPL.
It is free IF employer pays for it. Unlike NPL, the state, Vanderbilt, MNPS does not. : (
This year is first for MS & HS students having free bus passes which is awesome.
It will help with traffic & less teen drivers on the road! : )
However, it would be fantastic if MNPS paid for employees as it would help with traffic & stress.
I tweeted about it & included @MetroSchools as Jai taught me. I doubt it will be retweeted as other tweets have been! : )

Regardless I purchased a 20 ride local pass = 10 trips. My goal is to ride bus 3 days a week. I will have some kind of PTO meeting almost every week & there will be day I miss bus or want to drive.
I rode it 1 day last week (I had appointments or meetings other days). It was fine.

I cut it close in morning - bus was almost there when I got to stop. I caught up on some texts I'd not had time to reply. Walk to school was farther than I estimated. A colleague saw me & hestitated to stop. It was funny! I had plenty of time in afternoon & got to stop no problem. However, bus was late which had me worried! I texted some more! : ) Then I got off in wrong place & had longer walk home. Not bad overall. I need to have magazine or book, maybe get audio book on my shuffle.