Sunday, August 19, 2012

Not a vegetarian!

I don't know how Susie does it. Meat grosses her out.
That is not the case for me or Jai or Julia. We love meat!
Recently Jai cooked this beef roast in the most incredible way.
It was rich, flavorful, so delicious. He said he used black cherry juice to create a glaze.
OMG! So yummy!

Yesterday we cooked some beef bacon we got from Porter Road Butcher which is located on Gallatin Road (long story). I ate like 5 pieces! This is why I shouldn't eat bacon, regardless of it being beef, not pork. Pork is a meat I do not eat, sadly Jai laments constantly.
Luckily there still is some left as well as another 1/2 pound of the beef bacon we didn't cook yet. Tomorrow! : )

Most, if not all, of our meat is locally sourced either from our Avalon Acres Farm CSA or one of the farms at the Farmers' Market or PRB. Helps me eat meat with less guilt! : )