Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Childbirth classes

UGH! Once again I have an old post with only the title to remind me of what I might have wanted to write.
Well, here goes with trying to remember from a month ago! : )

We took a child birth class series at General Hospital on 4 Monday evenings in November (we missed 1 class because of family illnesses). Even though we plan to have the baby at Vanderbilt Hospital as that is where the midwifery center delivers babies, the class was free (not the case at Vandy) & Jai was born at General so it was neat to have some connection there.

Though we have had a child it was a great experience. We knew a lot of information already from reading & of course, Julia's birth. However, we learned some, clarified some, reminded of lots; it was a good refresher kind of course. We also received a beautiful knitted blanket to add to our collection of lovely hand made works of art & love.