Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas by Julia

Disclaimer: we (my parents) cannot remember my log-in so I (Julia) am relying on Tara (AKA Mommy) to write my blog post. Just as I do with my correspondence I have to rely on the help of adults. Also the delay has meant that it really is 1-11-11, not actually Christmas, that this post is being finished. That being said, the sentiment is real. : )

It has not happened in MANY years in Nashville - we heard it has been 17 years! None of us were here - I wasn't born of course, Mommy was in Thailand & Daddy was in Baton Rouge in 1993. Actually this wasn't the first snow of the season either. On Dec. 12 snow fell all day & night; Mommy was at home, schools closed, on Dec. 13 & 14. It was great! So pretty to watch as the snow fell, everything covered in a blanket of white, less people moving about the streets, the silence, lovely.

That's what the adults tell me. We didn't really explore this first snow or even the stuff on Christmas. Mommy doesn't like the cold & I don't know why Daddy didn't take me outside to play as he does. Anyway, we did yesterday as it snowed AGAIN on a Sunday night & Mommy is home again on a Monday & Tuesday! She's afraid she won't get out of school until late June & have less time at the swimming pool. We are having fun being together which is the point.

Anyway, we had a nice Christmas holiday, our simple style of celebrating. Christmas Eve we slept late (relative concept in a house with a small child), Mommy baked all morning (she's been baking all week, some of which we've been able to eat!) & I took my regular mid-day nap. Then we went to Grandma Bonnie & Poppy's Soup & Cider Party. FUN! People, food, lots to see! We went to church for Christmas Eve service & we carried the baby Jesus to the alter (Mommy goofed & put him in the center, instead of by Mary & Joseph). So cool to be a part of the service! Home for dinner & bed at regular time.

Christmas Day started as any other, oatmeal for breakfast & basically hanging out. Reading books, playing with Johnders, visiting with Uncle Joel. My 3 favorite things! : ) At lunchtime, Grandma Bonnie, Poppy & friend, Lois arrived & we ate our Christmas meal of soup & bread. Traditionally Southern New England clam chowder with white sweet potatoes this year (yum!) & cheese herb bread (Kwanzaa recipe Mommy has been making for about 10 years). While I took usual mid-day nap, they talked & had a grand time. GB, B & L left before it got too dark & we read some more books, I took my Saturday bath & went to bed. It was a regular yet special day, good time with family.

Merry Christmas!
Love, Julia