Thursday, December 16, 2010

Abstract Expressionism

I have no idea what "abstract expressionism" art looks like but Julia showed some abstract expression in her artwork yesterday.

We bought Julia some crayons a couple of weeks ago and she has been scribbling up a storm. Most of it is just that, scribbles, but yesterday she "drew" something she knew. In one quick, furious motion she make a scribble and screamed "Alpha!" (Alpha is the name of one of Grandma Bonnie's cats...its not a pet, its a stray.), then to another part of the page she did it again and screamed "Omega!" (again, another of Grandma Bonnie's stray pet cats), then "Splotches!", and so on until she came round to Alpha again.

To my eyes this is pretty spectacular. She remembered one of the cats, scribbled her representation and did it to each distinct animal. Each scribble looked like a scribble but each was in a different spot of the paper. This might be typical for a 2 year old but I think its pretty amazing.