Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh, Belmont!

That is what I said after I heard about the firing of the soccer coach, Lisa Howe. I saw part of BU's president's explanation that is wasn't for reasons related to sexuality & I hope it wasn't. Unfortunately we probably won't know the real reasons, especially because of some confidentiality agreement, but it makes me wonder. I know there are TONS of reasons why people are fired. Fortunately this event has sparked a huge wave of discussion amongst BU students, faculty, as well as community members here in Nashville & elsewhere. Discrimination is not OK regardless of being a private institution & especially a Christian-based one. It's so anti-Christian to be hateful & exclusive & not welcoming of all of God's children. Another positive is that BU didn't have any kind of written policy or anything otherwise about sexuality in regards to admission, hirings, terminations, etc. so now there is something. There's a really good article in last week's Nashville Scene. I liked Lisa's comment to end the article - "I'm just a soccer coach at heart." It makes me think about the recent repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" guideline in the military. People just want to live their lives, do their jobs, be with their families, without recrimination.