Sunday, May 9, 2010

Risen Waters in Nashville

I found this old email to a friend & realized it might make an interesting post since it's taken me so long to complete what I started from 1 1/2 years ago!
 Sent: Saturday, May 8, 2010 10:46:01 AM
Subject: Flood Relief
How did the volunteer work go yesterday?
It’s strange how someone right near you could have damage and then the neighbor didn’t.
I’ve heard that about tornados and stuff, but nothing this close – since the tornado in ’98!
Some friends live near Sutton Hill Road, but I don’t think they had any damage.  Strange!
I am glad you & your dog are OK.  
Bonnie & Buddy are well too!  They didn’t have electricity on Sunday.

I got your voicemail message, but I was at work and we had stuff ALL day.
Schools were closed all week, not sure about next week.
I think it depends on when the 2nd water plant gets restored.
They don’t want 76,000 students flushing the toilets! : )
Also we hear there is some damage to buildings as well as roads so not sure about bus routes, etc.

I haven’t heard from Mike & Chad. I heard Donelson was hit hard.
One of my co-workers who lives there relayed some scary stuff!

Luckily we’re OK, nothing major happened to us or our property.
Our basement flooded – about 8 inches deep – which is a pain for my brother.
He was in Atlanta for the weekend so I had to tell him over the phone. : (
However, the good thing is once the rain stopped, the water drained and all of it was gone the next day.
We’re glad for that as we anticipated emptying many buckets of water! : )
Some of our appliances are OK – the washer works, but not the dryer.
Good excuse for a clothesline! : )

We didn’t have hot water or heat/air for a few days because that stuff is in the basement.
We unplugged everything when we discovered the water.
With Joel in Atlanta and not going up & down to the basement, we didn’t think to check!
You know Jai likes AC so he was a little uncomfortable.
I went to the Y to take showers – Jai & Joel took cold showers!  : (
Julia is a trooper – good spirits always – and her laughter makes up for everything.

I actually left to go to church on Sunday morning WITH Julia, turned around quickly & returned home.
I got so scared when I saw how high the water was on Gallatin Road, imagined the car floating & trying to get Julia out.
WHEW! Really scary! : (
We watched TV for hours on Sunday – thankfully we had electricity.
The scenes were frightening as I recognized SO many places around the city submerged in water!

We were definitely going stir crazy stuck in the house.
The weather was beautiful, sunny, blue skies on Monday – strange contrast to the constant rain for 2 days!
Johnders & I walked the neighborhood Monday morning to survey the situation.
Slow morning traffic, not much damage on these streets.

Take care.
Love, Tara, Jai, Julia, Johnders & Joel