Friday, May 21, 2010

G.I. Julia

Once again I'm writing a post many weeks after I titled it so I wouldn't forget.
I think that the title will help me remember ... it does, but only so much information. All of the great words & thoughts I had at the time are GONE!

Anyway, what I remember is that Julia starting crawling again and it reminded me of the commando crawl she did early on. Since she's been walking for 7-8 months it seemed funny that she was crawling. I wondered if she would regress and stop walking. Now she runs all the time so that seems like a wonderful regression. : )

However, she continues to walk; occasionally she crawls, but usually it is when she's looking for toys that have gotten under the table or couch.

"G.I. Julia" seemed like a clever play on words since she looks like a solider doing the commando crawl. I think I'm so clever ! : )