Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fever # 2

Julia had a fever again which happens so rarely so we're always concerned.
Usually is full of energy & happy, Julia is listless & cranky when she has a cold.
We are not quick to take medicine or call the doctor.
We're not likely to give Julia medicine without attempting other interventions.
Cool baths to decrease the fever is one method we use.
Lots of liquids, Julia's comfort foods like applesauce & toast, also rest & relaxation as much as possible to keep her comfortable, hydrated and rested.

Uncle Joel gave some suggestions that are more traditional than we like. They involved Children's Tylenol & calling her doctor. I know he doesn't understand us - thinks we stress ourselves out more with our "longer" health care solutions. I remember having a conversation with someone about the recent recall of Tylenol which I didn't know anything about. The person looked surprised & said "what do you do for a fever or cold?" I gave my homo pathetic answers.

Thankfully Julia's fever decreased as she rested that night & next day. Quickly her behavior & overall demeanor returned to happy, smiley, pleasant Julia!