Thursday, August 20, 2009

You haven't posted anything in awhile...

I hear this sometimes...

I wish I could post every day. However, it's like email. Sometimes it piles up & when I finally sit down to read & write email, I'm there for HOURS!

The same could be said about the blog - I could write almost every day, but it's about choices. I'm learning... I want to do everything, but in reality that is not possible.

Susie was here for 2 weeks in July you know - she found time to be on her laptop constantly, watching her guilty pleasure/evening soap opera drama... somehow I thought I'd get more babysitting out of Susie. Actually I did get a few personal hygiene things done like haircut, legs waxed, but somehow I thought it'd be more. : )

Julia's baptism happened and we had tons of family in town - also great, but not lots of personal time. I still need to order some photos and send to my family... WHEN?

Then I went back to work... I already posted my insane schedule.

One thing I really miss is exercising every day. I haven't been to the Y since before Susie was here! We didn't go ONCE while Susie was here. We were like couch potatoes which is unlike us.

So here's a post saying I don't have time to post! : )