Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The family that exercises together

Tara and I are opposite poles on the exercise spectrum. She thrives on high energy workouts and I loathe them. Give me a long hike or a yoga class and I'm fine. Put me in an exercise room and I can't wait to get out.

As a pregnant woman Tara's exercise became increasing limited and then there was post delivery recovery time. Now Tara is up and back at it. Tara posted a happy one month birthday to Julia; however, I think Tara was more excited about the 6 week birthday b/c that meant Julia could become a member of the YMCA and Julia could stay in the nursery. If Julia can stay in the nursery Tara can go to Zumba or water aerobics and that makes a happy Tara.

What was unexpected was the Wed. Julia turned 6 weeks we went to the Y, I suffered on the elliptical and bike while Tara did whatever. When we were leaving Tara was beaming! She was so excited b/c 1. she got to workout, 2. all of us were at the Y which means were utilizing our membership (Tara's frugality is never far from the surface).

We've gotten a routine started that includes Sat mornings, which probably makes me hate exercise more than I already did. This past weekend it also included a walk at Shelby Bottoms with Johnders in tow. The whole family out at the park!

Partners are there to support us but they are also there to challenge us. Tara is doing both when she gets me to the Y. She is challenging me & supporting my efforts to be a better person, a healthier person. I can't play around with my health (my hypertension). I want to see Julia grow up and accomplish things. Its hard b/c I'm such a procrastinator. Tara is doing her part. I need to pick up the pace on my end.