Monday, January 5, 2009

No sleep for the weary

Yesterday Julia decided that crying is better than sleeping.

As far as we could tell there is nothing really wrong with her, her temp was at the low end of the acceptable range, her diaper had been relatively poopless. She was eating and burping but after 5pm she did more crying than not. It got worse around 9:30pm when Tara and I got a little short with each other. We tried every trick in the book (literally) to help get her to sleep. Finally at 1:30am I decided to try something one of my "new father" books suggests - let her cry it out, unattended for 10 minutes. I changed her, swaddled her as tight as I could manage, turned the lights off and took a shower. I heard her cry through the entire shower - my mind was racing wondering what was wrong. As I was toweling off at about the 8 minute mark, her crying slowed and by the time I was out she was was asleep. She slept the rest of the night ... thankfully!