Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Family Bed

The first few weeks we had the crib in our room next to my side of the bed. With the surgery recovery it was difficult to get up and down from the bed to feed Julia. We didn't think to put the crib on Jai's side and have him hand her to me! : ) However, we improvised and used the wedge thing we have in her crib and put her on it in the middle of our bed. It worked and since it was a temporary solution we didn't worry about her separating us - limited snuggling opportunity anyway! : )

We moved her crib back to the nursery last week and so far so good. Jai gets up and changes her diaper before feedings and then brings her back to our bed. I'm trying the lying down position with modifications with some success. It allows me to be more comfortable in bed and sometimes I can close my eyes and rest. Unfortunately the baby monitor generates awful static so we keep our bedroom door open and listen for her sounds - luckily the nursery is really close. Jai doesn't seem to hear Julia as well as I do!

When asleep Jai doesn't wake up as quickly. (Jai added comment)

We're glad Julia seems settled in her space and we have our bed for us. We read about doing the co-sleeping idea and creating a family bed, but decided it wasn't what we wanted to do. Hopefully all will continue to go well.