Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hard Wax Joy!

A few months ago I decided that I needed to use hard wax to handle my underarm hairs. I did some research on hard wax. Then I bought a wax warmer (space saver kind) & found some organic wax (2 for 1 sale too!), read the instructions & jumped in. You know new learning curve, I'd gotten really good (fast) at waxing underarms with Parissa wax strips.

1. You have to warm up the wax & stir it to check that wax is warm enough to apply, but not so hot that is too thin & HOT to apply to skin. Ouch!
2. First time was challenging, it took longer than previous self-waxing experiences had been.
3. However, the hair removal was worth it. Incredible! Hardly have to tweeze. Love it!
4. Since I have hot pot of wax, I take care of many more areas then just UA, lip, chin, brow.

The chin is probably the hardest area to ignore for 2 weeks, especially when I'm used to tweezing whenever is necessary. I want to tweeze ALL the time!

I've used hard wax 3 times & it's still awesome. I love it & hope I continue to have the patience to wait to wax my chin ... so hard to wait!