Tuesday, September 9, 2014

School Board protest

Again writing post weeks after the fact. UGH! It has been a busy month - started with this issue!

Basically parents at IES found out that there was talk/rumor about closing or converting the school to charter. Low scores put IES on Priority List (bottom 5% in state). There are lots of reasons for us moving to bottom, but IES wasn't high on list before. However, we are upset because parents were not informed. There was an article in newspaper a few weeks ago.

PTO organized a campaign to tell school system what we want for IES - support for current principal, keep school open & provide needed resources in order to educate students.
We created a flyer with action steps & passed it out at car rider line.  We emailed & called parents.
We encouraged parents to email (or call) Superintendent, our School Board member as well as press.
We signed up speakers at School board meeting - 2 IES parents & Community PTO supporter.

It was great. Lots of positive comments! Then Superintendent presented his plan "3rd Way" to handle Priority Schools, particularly in East Nashville. It was unbelievable. Lots of drama!