Monday, January 20, 2014

Signs, notes, lists - why?

Julia says to me this afternoon "Mommy, why are there so many notes & signs?" She is referring to the plethora of lists, signs, notes posted ALL over our house, on doors, walls, refrigerator, cabinets. This is mainly in the kitchen.

Well, sometimes I describe Julia as having some "Howard Hughes" moments with her piles of paper & organization of materials (mostly art supplies), so do I. Not particularly shocking as my OCD, type-A personality is known by many so I guess there's a bit of a genetic connection.

I like lists. I'll be honest. I really like my lists. I like making them, crossing off items, writing in different colors, making a new list when 1/2 is done because then it is messy.Yep, I'm sure I'd be a psychologist's dream for weird quirks. For example, I don't like my food to touch ... even though it all ends up in my stomach. It's not logical despite me being a person who likes logic.

Also Julia LOVES patterns. Numbers, words, letters, colors, gender, whatever you can think of, she points them out to us OFTEN! "oh, that's a pattern." "You are correct, Julia" we find ourselves saying often. Oh, the busy mind of a genius 5 year old who reads on a third grade level. Actually it's quite funny - most of the time. : )