Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Child Rage

Julia is smart. Julia is confident. Julia is strong-willed. Julia is a pain.

Julia wants what she wants when she wants it & won't budge. Julia screams, yells, throws, hits & kicks when she doesn't get what she wants. Julia has learned a lot of bad behavior from one or two classmates in Kindergarten. 

Julia is also pushing the envelope of what is successful at home. She has bested me time & time again. Everyday we have a yelling match. Julia tells me "you're going to jail" or "I don't like you anymore" or "I won't like you till you die & then I'll miss you."

Julia gets very destructive which throws me into a tizzy. I cannot stand these rampages she goes on. Unfortunately, I too often respond with the same level of rage & frustration. I spend so much time reading about mindfulness & stress management, but when confronted by a frustrated 5 year old it all goes out the window!

We literally start each day with a fight about going to school, putting on lotion, putting on clothes or some combo of all of them. Her way of dealing is to become immobile & scream. I am trying not to be late AGAIN so I start to dress her & yell at her. All to no avail so we are crunched for time until finally I wrestle her clothes on. God, I sound like a monster, I feel like a monster but I am at wits end!