Saturday, November 16, 2013

White Bunny White & latest funny Julia moments

This is the name of 1 of Julia's animal friends (or children as she calls them!).
First, middle, last names ...
Yep, got to love the mind of an almost 5 year old. Hilarious!

She was just telling me about how her older children don't get in trouble ... with her & her husband, Andy.
Actually I learned this morning that Andy died, not sure of cause of death.

"Where did my purse go? I've been searching all over for it?"
I just heard that comment.

This purse was in package sent by Susie from when I helped clean & organize S's closet in Phoenix during Fall Break. There were 2 black purses, 1 we thought was for Julia, cute little one with broken zipper so perfect for her, 1 for me possibly. Not to be the case! The 1 for Julia is now Jacqueline's & Julia likes the one earmarked for me. It's OK, I don't need another purse.

Another funny comment we've heard lately.
"I'm her second mother." She's referring to Jacqueline.
Luckily I'm considered first mother.
I guess this is good that I'm still #1.

She's playing the piano spontaneously (she's pretty good!) and sings "I really miss Trenton ... he chases me until he gets tired. I wish I could see Trenton ... I love to learn ... every single day, all my life!"

Trenton is 10 year old friend from church. She played with him & bunch of other boys at Montgomery Bell State Park camping trip in early October.