Monday, November 4, 2013

Aesop's Fables Puppet Show at Main NPL

Ugh, I really dislike it when I find an old post with nothing written yet, not even a few words to tease my memory of what I thought I might write. This one was dated in June, it is now November. Come on, Tara!
I'm I was going to write something about us attending this program. It was great! I am continually impressed with the quality of storytelling performances at NPL. They are entertaining for children AND adults!

I found myself chuckling at parts that most kids didn't understand. We also participated in Summer Reading Program and attending a program counts just as reading a whole book does. Fun activity to do, especially if it's too hot for outside activity or you're tired of going to pool another day (yeah, I know, not really my problem as my kids & I love water!).

Summer seems like a far away memory, but the great part is that puppet show performances happen fairly often. Unfortunately I'm not able to attend once school is in session, but Jai has taken Jacqueline a few times this semester. If you've never gone, GO!! : )