Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nutcracker ballet

Julia's birthday present from Grandma Bonnie was a treat for 3 generations.
The ballet for child, mother, grandmother was a date after church & lunch at Sitar Indian restaurant & was lots of fun! All dressed up in dresses & tights (2 of 3 of us were wearing tights!). : )

After intermission where we hung out in the lobby & watched people at the fountain, we returned to our seats.  I didn't hear this comment at the time, but my mom told me later that Julia, looking quite puzzled, said "what are we doing back here?" Priceless! So Julia. She thought the performance was over & I can understand it. It could have ended at that point & worked for me.

Another funny comment was about a male dancer's attire.
"He's wearing tights ... and you can see his _______ (accurately named male anatomy)." Such frank honesty!

Overall maybe this will become a family tradition though there was lots of Julia saying "what's going to happen next?" : )