Saturday, December 15, 2012

funny julia comments

There are SO many funny statements Julia makes.
Many start with "Parents ..." or "My husband ..."
Really! Seriously! : )

These are some recent ones!

12/14/12 her annual birthday date with Uncle Mike
They were at the mall.
"Mike - you look cute in that shirt."
To a mannequin, holding his hand - "I like him."

12/13/12 after Family Math Night at my school
Talking about 1 of the teachers who she knows as Becca - "she is so nice."

While playing cards with Pre-k students - "Alright give me all your jacks."

Not sure of the date, happens quite often lately
To Mommy & Daddy when responding to Jacqueline's gibberish with nonsense words
"Don't do that, talk to her, she's learning."
Disclaimer: we used to say that to Julia when she cries or talks like a baby instead of a big girl in front of Jacqueline ... ahh, the student becomes the teacher.