Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swim Lessons

It's started! We have become the "soccer mom/dad" stereotype & we only have a 3 year old. Actually after listening to some other parents for the past few months, we're actually kind of late compared to activities other children are doing. Soccer, T-ball, ballet, gymnastics, there are so many choices & that's not even including the obvious choice of TENNIS. I've already checked on those classes & she needs to be 4 or 5. : )

Really it is the magic number 3 for most of these activities & she didn't turn 3 until December. Then we had the baby in January so we knew it would be slightly delayed, closer to her being 4. Kind of like when she started the Parent Day Out program as we wanted to wait. Also similar is that it has been motivated by seeing a great need for Julia. She has a lot of energy, maybe not more than a typical 3 year old, but whew, we're tired looking at her run around the house.

This summer we've gone to the pool a few mornings each week & realized that she needed some lessons. Even though I've been taking her to the pool since she was 6 months old, she hadn't had any formal or really informal lessons. Jai & I each earned a free swim lesson during this Y Rewards program in 2010-11 & it ended last October so we still had these 2 vouchers to use. Technically they told us they had expired when we went to use them, but I argued since there wasn't an expiration date printed on the voucher. I go to the Y almost every day & you know it helps to know people & talk with them, use their names, be friendly, plus it's good PR for them. After her 2 free private lessons, we signed her up for 2 series of Group Lessons.

Seriously we have to keep this girl busy!
Soccer registration is in mid-July at the Y.
We're going to Dance East's Open House in July.
There's also a free trial lesson at gymnastics class in Madison/Rivergate area.
Most of these would be once a week for semester at least.

None of this is cheap, but it is so worth it as Julia learns new physical skills as well as the social interactions & the skills that go with those experiences. She really has blossomed quickly in her swimming skills, helped by her adventurous/no fear attitude. Another reason to teach her to swim - she really wants to jump into the deep end of the pool just as in life. Whew! She's a live wire & I love her for her spunk. Reminds me of someone ... : )