Saturday, June 26, 2010

My name is Julia's Mom

I've known this for awhile. Lots of time I'm greeted AFTER the person says hello to Julia - if I'm remembered! : ) Then I'm referred to as "Julia's mom."

I was buying groceries at the Turnip Truck today and I greeted an employee I hadn't seen in awhile. After saying hello, she asked "do you have a twin sister?" That's not always a surprising question. I thought Susie had been to TT before so not that unusual. I replied "yes" and the employee starts to say something, but then says "she's Julia's mom, right?" and then she says my name (I'm amazed she remembers it!).

I smile and chuckle - I should never expect to be surprised any more. Then I say "actually I'm Julia's mom" and laugh again. The employee responds with my favorite part: "Oh, you've lost so much weight!" To which I say "well, I was pregnant and then had a baby. Finally I've lost some of that weight!"

Good save! : ) HILARIOUS! : ) I love it!