Friday, June 25, 2010

The jars

I think we've mentioned Julia's obsession with glass jars.
We didn't buy baby food in jars very often, more than some might expect (my mom was really surprised), but less than most people who have babies. Somehow Julia fell in love with jars, in particular the baby food size. She likes other sizes, but we think she can carry the smaller ones easily in her hands. Julia likes to carry 3 as Jai previously referenced.

While traveling in New England, we brought a few jars of baby food as surplus in case we didn't have anything for her to eat. We also bought some jars once there, again for emergency situations. By the end of the trip I wanted to make sure she ate all of them because I was tired of carrying them. We had 2 with us when we went through security and I had to open them to be "checked." WHY?? They are sealed containers of baby food! UGH - I hate airport security.

I digress from this story of Julia being OCD about jars.

We really realized it when we were in a fish market in NH getting take out for lunch. While we waited for our food to be prepared, we walked around the market and looked at various items on the shelves. I noticed the Desert Essence brand of salsa which surprised me. I've never seen it in stores other than Turnip Truck or Whole Foods. Julia was walking with my cousin's daughter, she turns, sees the jar and SCREAMS ... so loud & perfect for a role in a horror movie. She ran up to me to get to the jar; we realized later that she thought it was the Desert Essence bean dip we used to buy and feed her. Now we make our own as it was killing our budget! Julia loves bean dip - made from pinto, garbanzo or black beans. She probably would like white bean dip too, but we never make that - maybe we will.

Once we got home, we recycled the glass jars and have not bought any more baby food. It was getting out of hand how obsessed Julia was with the jars. Actually it's not necessary anymore to have the baby food as Julia has progressed a lot feeding herself with the spoon and fork. She got some good practice when we stayed with my cousins Rick & Lori; I realized that we (I) need to encourage Julia to feed herself even when it's messy. : )