Saturday, April 17, 2010

Three is a magic number.

I can't tell you why but it appears even at Julia's 16 months three is a magic number. Since she was a small crawling baby she has needed things in her hands when she moved. We've seen anywhere from 1 to 4 items in her hands while she motors around the house. Sometimes, and maybe even most often, it is a bulky item...gallon jug, large book, giant stuffed frog.

Two seems obvious but not for her. Three is what she likes. When she has some finger food, pretzels or cookie chunks, she wants one in each hand and one in her mouth. When she plays with her rings or we go outside and play with Johnders' tennis balls she has to have three. No matter how awkward, she must have three. She will let you hold an item while she readjusts the other two but she will manage to get three as quickly as possible.

The ancients were on to something and it is verified by the randomness of my daughter.