Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pam the Yarn Doll

My aunt Pam is a great knitter.
She made the purple hooded sweater for Julia.
It has the zipper in the back which is AWESOME!
She knitted some slippers, too - still too big for Julia.

Pam also knitted a doll.
With brown skin and a purple pants and black "wavy" hair ... just like Julia!
Julia loves it!

We kept referring to it as "the doll" this and that, "go get it" or "let's pick it up."
That got tedious quickly and soon we realized that the doll needs a name.
As creatively as when Tara was 4 & named our family's cat "Kitty" I came up with "Pam" for the doll's name.

However, it works. Julia likes it too.
Hopefully she'll remember that her great-aunt Pam made it for her.

I hope my aunt Pam doesn't mind being the name of a doll. : )