Friday, May 15, 2009

Office Crushes

I've had a job every year of my life since I was 15. I have had at least one crush on a coworker at everyone of those jobs, although I don't remember much about the object of affection on my first job (Friedman's Army Surplus). Most of these were purely physical attraction, most of the objects were attached to somebody else and I wouldn't have had the nerve to ask any of them out anyway. Part personality, shyness, and part ethics, I always thought it would be difficult - if not, wrong - to date someone at the same time you worked with them.

As I got older these crushes became more mature ranging from attraction to brother-sister to "work spouse" and sometimes a combo. It brightens my day to see these people (almost exclusively women - I don't think I would call my guy friends crushes, although I have had a man-crush or two). Working with them makes the day go by faster and makes me feel like some burden has been lifted a little.

Having become a part-time stay-at-home dad I have developed my biggest crush ever. Julia has me smitten. She wakes up and it takes a split second for her to realize where she is or who I am but she gives me a big gummy smile that melts me. I hear her talk or screech wherever I am and I have to smile. I walk in the room when she is sleeping and I can just stare at her for an eternity. Time flies when we are playing or reading or eating...the things you have to do when your work is to care for a child. But it might be a case of too much of a good thing isn't so good.

I don't get near as much work done when I am around her. The slightest things she doesn't keep me hanging on for more. I can't seem to get the laundry or cleaning done but I have made pretty good use of my time. Anyway, I thought it was approipriate (possibly the first time an office crush is appropriate!!) to share my newest office crush.