Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Today is Tara's first Mother's Day and she definitely deserves special recognition.

We all have a favorite Mother's Day stories and our favorite Mothers but I find it hard to say Mother's Day was special for me. I LOOOOVVVVEDDD my mother and therefore everyday was Mother's Day.
Mother's Day was actually stressful...what can I get my mother to make her happy, what can I do for my mother to show her I care. Oh shit! Its 3 days before Mother's Day and I need to get her a gift.

My mom died while I was in high school I have an aunt who seemed more needy of the mother's day recognition after my Mom died, or maybe it was my awareness. As a young adult most holidays became relatively unimportant and Mother's Day was no exception. Now I have a wife who has already proven to be a strong and loving mother (if you go back through this blog you will see what I mean). She worked hard to make her womb the safest and healthiest place on the planet. When Julia decided to change things (flipping into breech) Tara pulled through the C-section like a champ. When Julia struggled with weight gain issues Tara devised an ever evolving plan that has created a smart, engaged, appropriately weighted baby. On a daily basis Tara works with Julia lovingly and confidently. She brings order to the house and helps me become more confident in everything I do.

Happy Mother's Day to Tara!
From your loving husband and daughter, Jai & Julia
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