Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Second Trimester - the beginning weeks

June started the beginning of trimester #2 and am I glad. I almost literally to the day of ending the first trimester started to feel better! Partly psychosomatic I'm sure as well coinciding with the beginning of my school's summer break, but I felt much more energetic. Lucky for me since I would need it as I embarked on a month of traveling that took me from Nashville to New England to London, ENGLAND!

I visited friends in Rhode Island and Vermont and Maine as well as a family reunion in New Hampshire. Also during the NE trip I was at tennis camp for 3 days during an unusual heat wave that took down non-pregnant people. I had a great time with my sister and 2 Wellesley friends, Pauline and Lisa. Thankfully they checked on me often and made sure I rested and rehydrated. I also enjoyed the carbo-loading necessary to play tennis 5 hours a day in the SUN! Ahh, I'm loving the eating part of pregnancy. : )

THEN Pauline and I headed to England for a week and went to Wimbledon to watch TONS of tennis for 3 GREAT days. We saw the Williams sisters play doubles TWICE, one time on Centre Court! Jet lag and pregnancy sleepiness seem to be interchangable, almost indistinguishable actually, and we made the most of our trip abroad. Also I got the cutest baby hat with the Wimbledon emblem!

When I returned to Nashville after a harrowing journey via Chicago's O'Hare airport (never again!), I was done with travel. Or so I thought since Jai & I already had travel plans to Seattle for July 4-8 and off I went again to the beautiful and green Northwest. Thank goodness for summer vacation - I was able to rest without having to go to work between these wonderful trips.