Friday, May 16, 2008

First Trimester

During most of April and May, pregnancy exhaustion has been the norm for me. Ironically the week I discovered I was pregnant, the spring tennis league (3.0) started - weekly matches for 7 weeks. I signed up in March, before I was even pregnant! Luckily I felt great once I was playing tennis - wish I could have played tennis all the time. Another positive is that I had another winning season!

Yesterday I went for my first prenatal visit at the West End Women's Health Center affliated with Vanderbilt Hospital which is where I will Labor & Deliver. I researched my OB/GYN options last year and knew that a midwifery practice is a good match for my personality and values about health care. My primary midwife is really cool, a woman named Soheyl who is of Persian descent and has lived in the United States for the past 20+ years. I enjoyed conversing with her about my outlook and questions about the pregnancy/birth process as well as her philsophy. I plan to go natural child birth yet know that the connection to a hospital gives us options in case an alternative is necessary.

I am learning that flexibility is key to this process as well as future parenthood. Also daily naps are a must!