Sunday, May 19, 2013

on the day you were born

This was last night's bedtime reading material with Julia.
There is a picture at end of story of a circle of people around the woman and baby.
Julia says the following for the people on the page:
LJ (her cousin, my brother's oldest child, now 18 years old!)
Anne Marie
Grandma Bonnie
Aunt Susie - even though she wasn't there for 2 weeks
All of these people other than Susie actually saw Julia on the day she was born.

Today was LJ's graduation from Glencliff HS.
He was there hours after Julia was born, 1 of the first people to hold her.
He's loves her so much, they are so sweet together = mutual admiration society going on! : )
LJ is finishing last year in MNPS, Julia is about to start her first in August.
Such is the circle of life.