Friday, April 19, 2013

Headed to Kindergarten

It's official. Julia will start Kindergarten on August 1!!! We had her second eligibility meeting today at Inglewood ES & developed an IEP for her. It was a great experience, friendly & cooperative people, very positive meeting. The principal, K and exceptional education teachers are very excited to meet her! Her ENCORE teacher had wonderful comments to share & also helpful suggestions for her IEP goals. The school has never had a case like this yet they are super excited to work with her & us to meet her educational needs & possible challenges. Julia also is happy about going to K. They asked us if she was nervous about school & would she like to tour the building. Jai & I looked at each other and answered "NO" without hesitation. She is not nervous & would LOVE to visit Inglewood ES! Overall we are pleased with our neighborhood school & look forward to this new transition. : )