Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ultrasound #2 (20 weeks)

We went for visit #3 on July 28 and this time Jai met Soheyl who I think is really cool. He agrees! : ) All was OK. I only gained 2 pounds since the last visit 6 weeks ago which is a freaking miracle considering I went to England and Seattle where I ate tons. Basically I feel like all I do is eat, sleep and go to the bathroom CONSTANTLY!

This time we heard the heartbeat with the Doppler machine - very cool sound. However, what we thought was our scheduled ultrasound time because it is 20 weeks was not matched up with this appointment; it's a different office and it wasn't coordinated correctly (partly my fault). Unfortunately they didn't have an appointment that worked for us until the next week. It's hard for us to coordinate getting off work. Mostly we were disappointed because we were traveling to South Carolina for Jai's family reunion and wanted to share recent pics. Oh, well, they just got me! : )

The next week we got there early (Jai was off because of our trip, but I had to get to work to get ready for school orientation) and almost immediately got seen by the tech. We were told it would take 30-45 minutes because they take a ton of photos at 20 weeks to check for anatomy normality. It didn't seem to take that long though the baby wasn't always cooperating with the tech. She kept "bouncing" the gadget on my stomach (not gently) to "encourage" my alien to move to a desired position. Thankfully the tech was respectful of our request to not learn the gender. We want to be surprised.

We saw spine, fingers, liver (she said) and other body parts I really couldn't see, but I expressed my marvel. Later I mentioned my inability to see some of what the the tech identified and Jai says "really, you couldn't see that?" No, I couldn't see my baby's stuff! : )

Jai would like to add:
this goes to our different styles. Tara is a literalist, she needs specifics. I, on the other hand, can extrapolate from basics...assume, if you will. Once my ophthalmologist told me - my prescription was way out of date - that I was a good blur interpreter.